Japan nuclear threat: Radiation misunderstood

It has been estimated that 17m were exposed to significant radiation after Chernobyl and nearly 2,000 people have since developed thyroid cancer having consumed contaminated food and milk as children.

This is very serious, but nothing like the impact that had been expected, and a UN report identified psychological problems as the major consequence for health.

The perception of the extreme risk of radiation exposure is also somewhat contradicted by the experience of 87,000 survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who have been followed up for their whole lives.

By 1992, over 40,000 had died, but it has been estimated that only 690 of those deaths were due to the radiation. Again, the psychological effects were major.

Japan Quake Map

Le Japon a vécu bien plus qu’un séisme… plutôt 555 durant la dernière semaine, seulement!

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Attention à qui vous donnez. La Croix-Rouge, Médecins sans frontières (MSF) sont de bonnes organisations à qui donner où l’argent sera utilisée soit au Japon, soit à un autre endroit qui en a besoin.

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